About Us

In 1977, two enterprising, ambitious and talented women started a new food business called, The Silver Palate. It consisted of a take-out gourmet store (most likely the first of its kind) and catering enterprise with distinctive and elegant foods. So talented, they created a world-renowned cook book simply called The Silver Palate Cook Book which sold millions of copies and became one of the classic cook books of all time. So successful was this outstanding and beautifully prepared book, it encouraged the authors to do another and yet another and still another cook book. They became so busy in the publishing world, they decided to sell their well-known food brand in order to concentrate on doing cook book projects. Many of you in the Specialty Food field may well remember these outstanding women: Sheila Lukens and Julee Rosso.

Enter Peter Harris who with his family created his own food enterprise under the name, Weight Watchers. He, too, had been successful and history-making with the first low-calorie foods in the field and many years later, sold the family enterprise to HJ Heinz in 1988 who had by then taken over the many Weight Watchers food licensees. The Harris family helped pioneered healthy food and after Weight Watchers products, came out with Smart Balance, the wildly successful first buttery spread with no hydrogenated oil and no trans fatty acids. So well received was Smart Balance, it started a new trend of no trans fat spreads which still exists today. But by this time, Peter and his dad, Bob were bringing The Silver Palate into the contemporary "Facebook" age They introduced new Silver Palate foods such as whole-tomato pasta sauce with San Marzano and California whole tomatoes with no tomato paste and no added sugar, with Thick & Rough Oatmeal and many other elegant and distinctive  foods.

One of Silver Palate's history-making food developments now being launched in the US is its Grain Berry Antioxidant Cereals, Baking Mixes and Snack Crackers. For the first time, Silver Palate has developed a grain-based line of foods with natural antioxidants (ORAC level) higher than blueberries and other fruits, vegetables and whole grains. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and rates foods ability to prevent oxidizing or aging millions of cells in our bodies. The Silver Palate GRAIN BERRY line consists of Bran Flakes, Toasted Oats, Honey Nut and Apple Cinnamon Toasted Oats, Pancake & Waffle Mix, Muffin Mix and Snack Crackers.

Not only does the Silver Palate advertise on radio and TV and print such as this publication, it has its own Silver Palate and Grain Berry Facebook and Twitter pages to enable its users to communicate with the company and each other more easily. The Silver Palate has come a long way and it seems to be on its way to becoming a major food supplier of not only specialty foods but healthy foods as well.