The Story of Grain Berry

We actually grow the Grain Berry® plants to obtain the remarkable berries of grain for our foods. We remove the outer layer of the grain berries to get the high antioxidant bran and we add that bran to our whole grain oats and whole grain wheat in our various foods. No other bran offers this benefit. Of course, our cereals contain antioxidant vitamins (C and E) among others but the real point of difference is our whole grains, plus natural berries of grain.

We grow our own high antioxidant grain in the spring and harvest it late summer or early fall.  We mill the Grain Berry® high antioxidant grain and add it to our whole grain wheat, in the case of our delicious Bran Flakes or Pancake Mix and Muffin Mix.  We add the Grain Berry® Bran to our whole grain delicious oats in the case of our Toasted Oats cereal and Honey Nut and Apple Cinnamon varieties. Why do we grow high tannin Grain Berry® grain?  Because we cannot buy it and it's the best way we know to boost the natural antioxidant content of our products more than any other grain or any other fruit or vegetable.

If you have any questions about our Grain Berry® farm, let us know.  Oh yes, one more fact. It takes a lot less water to grow our Grain Berry® grain than corn or other grains so it's kind to the environment, as well as being kind to you.

Bob Harris

P.S. I spent two years at Cornell Agricultural College and still love agriculture.  Support America's farmers and enjoy Grain Berry® high antioxidant cereals, mixes and crackers. Thank you.